Thursday, August 5, 2021

Back in Florida

Last post left me in Owensboro Kentucky. Since then a lot has happened. In March of 2020 I came to Florida with Lieutenant Blenders to do shows at Sam's Clubs in Miramar and Coral Springs. After 2 days, the pandemic closed us down. Needing an income I took employment with Acosta sales and marketing working with Walmarts in the Fort Lauderdale area. After a little over a year of traveling between the different Walmarts in this area daily I decided that I wanted to spend less time traveling between stores and took employment at the Walmart in Pembroke Pines in the electronics department.

I am now a permanent resident of Florida but still have my motorhome in Kentucky and at some point my intentions are to bring it here so I can spend time traveling the state of Florida.

Monday, September 9, 2019

Last visit to Sams in Owensboro for 2019

Well here it is almost the middle of September and I am about to complete my last visit to Owensboro For this year.

Sunday the 15th will be my last day so if you are still in need for product from Lieutenant blenders you had better make plans to get here soon.

Sunday the 25th of September will be my set up date for Bowling Green Kentucky where I'll be spending 11 days which will also be my last visit to Bowling Green for this year.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Good morning,
This is the last weekend for this trip to Murfreesboro Tennessee.
I have received my shipment of the peach margarita.
Buy a 5-pack at Sam's Club and pay $1 a bag less than your online purchase.

 Watch for me in the Sam's Club in Owensboro Kentucky starting at September 4th.

Friday, August 9, 2019

Murfreesboro Tennessee

Well here it is, August and I am set up in the Sam's Club in Murfreesboro Tennessee as I promised.
I will be here until August 18th so stop by and see me, I have some good deals for you.
I am awaiting my shipment of peach margaritas which has been out of stock for the last couple of months.
In September I will be headed back to the Sam's Club in Owensboro Kentucky.
Don't forget you can order our products online at and also check locations for shows in your area

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Hendersonville Tennessee

Hello all, I'll be wrapping up another event here at the Sam's Club in Hendersonville Tennessee. All in all been pretty slow everyone's getting ready to go back to school and get their vacations taken care of. I'm looking forward to 9 days off several things planned to take care of and then I'll be moving on to the Sam's Club  in Murfreesboro Tennessee on August 8th for another 11 day event.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

A much-needed break

After a rough start in Roanoke Virginia, that show has finally come to an end. It ended up being fairly successful considering that the first 6 days I was waiting on my setup to arrive, so the show was cut in half.

During my time off between shows I will be going to South Florida to attend High School graduation for two of my step grandchildren which I am looking forward to.

I am scheduled to start a show at the Sam's Club in Owensboro Kentucky on June 6th for 11 days. Let's hope we have no difficulties with the setup and inventory being delivered. This will be my first show at this location so I'm looking forward to a great turnout.